Imara Registered

Basenjis Since 1981


Located in North Carolina



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Imara Registered

Basenjis Since 1981


Involved with Basenjis & dog sports for over 35 years, our breeding decisions are based on temperament, conformation and health. We have puppies occasionally.

In The Ring

About 95% of the time, we show our own basenjis.  And we’ve taught many to show basenjis, some who went on to be quite successful & beat the stew out of us!

At Home

Our basenjis are show dogs, house pets & rule our yard.  We have 2 to 5 basenjis at home at any given time. We co-own basenjis all over the southeast & occasionally elsewhere.

We Love Basenjis

Since the beginning, we’ve had pups and grandpups grow up to become beautiful representatives of the basenji breed. They have done well in the show ring & we’ve had top conformation winners.  A good number have been top lure coursers too.  There was even one who earned a CD in FOUR trials. Now that’s an accomplishment!
- Imara Basenjis


They are precious


Yes, we’re proud


And they RUN

Basenjis Are Barkless

However, they are unique in every way.
They are not for everyone, but here at Imara,
they’re the only hound for us.

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