The Fun Bunch – folks I’ve appreciated that are still with me [am sure I’ll miss some of you so please don’t be upset if I don’t call your name(s)] in the last 20+ years – Sue Campeau (Suddanly), Carmella Troisi-Hoerr (Halyard), Janice Harrison (Nuttinbut), Gale Whitehurst (Undercover).  We’ve all bred/cobred and/or co-owned together for a looooonnnnng time.  We’ve shown each other’s dogs, supported every aspect of being friends and serious competitors.   Sam Bishop (long suffering husband since ’09 and some-time bucket boy) has been a non-dog showing person that will show something if asked (not thrilled about it but supportive) and be supportive from a distance for all my traveling.

All of us ‘safe call’ each other to be sure we all made it where we need to be.   Accomplices to the fun bunch are Susan Schroeder, Kyle Cabral, Gene Biller and Bill Kanouff, Pam and Bill Darwin, Terrie, The “Suddanly” clan, the rest of the Undercover fun bunch (including/not limited to Ashley, Fernando, Monica, Jack)  – they’re all good fun.  The fun bunch grows exponentially at National Specialties.  We even include the Pros – Russella (Kim and D), Kacie and Michelle, Ron and the ‘other breed’ folks – Mallory, Andrea, etc. This horde varies according to the day and event. Not mentioning that this bunch might invade a restaurant or two on any given weekend.   All play hard, are supportive, and have been a breath of fresh air.   The Fringe element (gotta mention them) are whoever we shanghai at the last minute to help show something when we need an extra hand.  The fringe involves a list too many to name but we appreciate every one of them.

This last bit rather sounds like my Academy Award speech but you know that everyone on stage cannot be successful without a supporting team.